Microjet® Irrigation
is based in Cape Town, South Africa where all our design, development and manufacture is done in our factory. We manufacture a large range of irrigation products from our original Microjet® Sprinkler to our Emjay® fittings and our flagship range of Full Flow® compression fittings. Our signature is one of quality! Whatever comes out of our factory is made of the highest possible quality and we NEVER compromise on this aspect for the sake of price.   "Price is temporary - Quality is permanent".

Microjet started up in 1970 as a small plastics injection moulding company in Epping, Cape Town. We started by specialising in small precision plastic components made for many different industries, from fashion to electronics. During early 1971 the Microjet sprinkler was developed and patented. - This was a World First and very soon the Microjet sprinkler was being sold internationally. Microjet, along with the Israeli developed drip irrigation system, started the global move to low volume, low pressure irrigation systems which have revolutionised the irrigation industry. It is fair to say that the success of the Microjet was largely due to the failure of drip systems in the deep, sandy soils of the fruit growing areas of the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The Microjet arrived at the perfect time to solve this problem and grew from there. We are proud to say that this small miracle was invented and developed right here in Cape Town, South Africa and is still going strong today. Of course, when anything as good as Microjet appears, copies are inevitable. Today the humble Microjet is copied all over the world by scores of different manufacturers and sold by many names and in many forms.

Here at Microjet we have grown into a company that only manufactures our own products and specialises in products for the irrigation industry. We strive to continually develop new and exciting products to help solve our customers problems and attend to their needs. To this end, further developments over the years have led to the creation of many more irrigation products. From Stakes, stake assemblies and rigid riser pipes to support the Microjets, to barbed pipe fittings and compression fittings to join and repair irrigation pipes, and manifold systems and hose end products to make irrigation easy and efficient.

Our products are sold in many different areas of irrigation for many different applications. From agriculture to domestic gardens to turf and landscaping, Microjet Irrigation Systems has the solution for almost any irrigation problem. We have a wide dealer network in South Africa and our products are available from most hardware and irrigation retailers. Ask for them by name; All our products (except the really small ones) are proudly marked with their name: Microjet®, Full Flow®, Emjay®, Snap-on®, Water Wonder® and Water-flo®.

We also export extensively around the world and have offices and agencies in Australia and USA.

Our products are grouped into the following ranges:


This range includes the original Microjet sprinkler as well as a host of other jets of varying types. Two Piece Microjets, One Piece jets (C-Series and Sunjet), Framejets (incl. downspray), Microspin spinner jets, Varijet adjustable microjet and the speciality jets: Lighthouse, Micro Mist Spray and Ball Drive Jet (Go-go jet).


Is the name we give to our range of products that compliments and completes the Microjet range. This range consists of Stakes and Stake Assemblies, Small Bore Tubing (4mm & 5mm), Rigid Risers, Spanners and Punch Tools, Blank (goof) Plugs, various 4mm and 5mm Tubing and Riser Fittings and Adaptors.


Our range of premium high quality Nylon Barbed Insert Fittings. Made in black with a unique (& registered) barb configuration to ensure maximum protection against UV degradation and a good leakproof seal. A full range of the various fittings (Connectors, Tee, Elbows, Combination Tees and Elbows, End Caps, Flow Controls, Clamps and Threaded Fittings) is available from 10mm to 50mm and selected fittings in 65 and 80mm. Our range of female / barbed fittings is also a growing one.


These fittings are made from first grade acetal material and also utilise our unique Emjay barb configuration to ensure a strong leakproof connections to the drip tube. Currently available in 12mm, 16mm and 17mm.


Emjay Poly Threaded Fittings: This is our newest range of products. This range was developed specifically for our overseas market and has been made to much higher quality than any other comparable product on the market in South Africa. These fittings are made from Black Virgin Polypropylene (for maximum UV protection) to very precise specifications which conform strictly to international BSP thread specifications. The range (Bushes, Nipples, Male and Female Plugs, Male and Female Tees and Elbows, Male to Female Elbows and Sockets) are available in all sizes from 1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm).


The Emjay® Manifold is a strong, versatile and easy to use system for irrigation valves. It can be used in manual or automatic systems with either manual or electric solenoid valves. The unique clip-together system is easy to use, extendable and needs no tools. This versatile system has a large range of fittings which allow for numerous configurations and setups. It is robust and durable having been extensively tested at 16Bar with over 30,000 test cycles completed.


Our Flagship range in South Africa. This high quality range has become the industry standard in South Africa for use on low density polyethylene pipe. The range covers all possible variations of fittings in the sizes 13, 15, 20 and 25mm.


Our range of grommets are made from high grade pvc and are manufactured to perfectly fit on our Full Flow or Emjay Grommet fittings.


We make two specific types of filters:
The original Emjay inline filter is designed for low volume low pressure systems such as Microjet and drip systems. It is available with Emjay Barbed ends for use on polyethylene pipe (13, 15 &20mm).
The Emjay Series 3000 filter is designed for high water volumes such as pumping from reservoirs, dams and rivers. It is available with Emjay Barbed, Full Flow Compression or Emjay Threaded Ends. It also has 3 different possible mesh sizes (30, 80 & 120).


Water Wonder is our turf range which has 2" and 3" static Pop-up Sprinklers and Nozzles, Shrub Sprays, Standpipes, Our very popular Universal Shrub Adaptor (PA400), Microjet Shrub Adaptor and Shutoff Valves with Emjay Insert, Full Flow compression or Snap-on quickfit ends.


Our range of snap-on hose fittings makes using hosepipes (and polypipe) easy as connections are quick and easy to Snap on and Snap off. We also have a unique crossover between the Snap-on range and the Full Flow range with a fitting that incorporates both types of connections. This is ideal for applications where polypipe is used in a non-permanent installation.

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